Saturday, March 15, 2008

Me, I Disconnect From You

Gary Numan won't be reworking his old stuff, oh no, no, no:

"Me? Join in on the '80s revival? I'd rather eat worms. I've absolutely no interest in going back to the '80s.

"I was there the first time so it's got nothing new to offer. I've always refused to do anything connected to the '80s, any TV shows or retro tours, and I play very little old stuff at my gigs."

Gary Numan will, erm, complete his tour playing through his 1979 album Replicas in its entirety, building on the success of the tour of material from the Telekon album.


Tim Footman said...

So? He's quite clearly joining in the 70s revival. If he were to join the 80s revival, he'd probably get a bit confused, dye his hair blue, vote Conservative and crash several light aircraft, while complaining that David Bowie had used a time machine to plagiarise him retrospectively.

Codepope said...

To be fair, he did the Telekon/Replicas tours because the fans were going "Why don't you play the old stuff like you did it originally... why do you keep doing the new stuff then doing old stuff in the style of the new stuff which is confusing"... so this is more a "Right Happy Now? Cos you ain't hearing this stuff live ever again..."

* Declaration of interest - I went to the Telekon tour and it was most excellent.

duckie said...

"doing old stuff in the style of new stuff which is confusing" - Numanoids' heads explode trying to make sense of this craziness

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