Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meanwhile, at the Daily Mail office

- Look, we've just had these pictures of Suzanne Shaw in her knickers
- Brilliant! Let's run with them
- Hang on a minute, we're a newspaper. We're not The Sun. We can't just run a picture of a half-naked woman because she used to be in Hear'Say. There would have to be a proper news angle before we can put them all over the paper
- Is 'woman wears white knickers, matching bra' a news angle?
- No, not really
- Hey, look at this old picture of Suzanne Shaw...
- What?
- That bit there...
- Oh yes...
- Is that news?
- It's near enough... scan 'em in...
- I've got the headline: Woman has tattoo airbrushed out in advertising photos!
- How about:

Makeover magic for Dancing on Ice winner Suzanne Shaw as her tattoo is airbrushed out for sizzling lingerie shoot

- If we can find a way to blame this on the BBC, we might get the front page...

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