Monday, March 10, 2008

Property tycoons promote themselves

We can understand the Daily Star running the story about Newcastle Businessmen plotting to buy Neverland and then rent it back to Jackson, but what explains other news outlets picking up the tale and running it like it's a genuine story?

Taking the Star's story at face value, the NME makes space to tell its readers:

Entrepreneurs [Liam] Collins and [David] Bone, who are based in Newcastle, are huge fans of Jackson, and told the Daily Star that they began earning their own fortunes by busking in London, copying his dance routines.

“We really want to see Jacko back on his feet,” Bone said. Collins added: “If it wasn’t for Michael’s music and his fantastic dance routines, it is possible that we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Righto, then. They're Jackson fans who plan to charge him rent on a house, when they (presumably) would know that he hasn't set foot there since the whole child-fiddling business and the chances of him returning are slim. Believe this one, and I've got an unwanted mansion with an abandoned zoo to sell you, if you're interested.