Friday, March 07, 2008

A quarter century of Blue Mondays

As DJ Martian points out, today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of this song's first, losing-money-on-every-copy release:

Happy birthday, Blue Monday.

To put this into too much context, we're now as far away from the release of Blue Monday as the release of Blue Monday was from this:


Matthew said...

Holy shit.... that's a huge, thought provoking point you make at the end there. Bravo sir.

Kenny Love said...

Don't look now, but isn't it sacrilegious to diss anything Buddy Holly recorded, in spite of its nature?

Anonymous said...

danny baker made me addicted to that 'we're as far away in time from x as x was from y". i think it started with hunky dory and world war 2. or something.

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