Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Segre spurned Moss. He says.

You're probably wondering, if Serge Pizzorno is, like, the embodiment of rock and roll, how come he's not a notch on Kate Moss' bedstead. Or wherever she keeps a track of the rock stars she has known?

Apparently, you know, he had the chance but was, like, too wasted to, uh, make the connection:

"Back at Glastonbury in 2005. We were all sat around a campfire and she invited me out for a drink there and then. "To be honest though, I was completely pissed, so nothing happened.

Serge also could have had that Britney, but she, uh, wouldn't be able to handle the pace, and that Amy Winehouse? Yeah, probably a lesbian anyway.


James said...

I remember this great moment in rock history well. I believe it happened just a few minutes after Serge almost threatened to hit Henry Rollins for spilling his pint. Or at least he would've done if Rollins hadn't gone by then and, to be fair, Serge was worried that once he'd started, he wouldn't be able to stop, and, you know, it wouldn't be fair on all those people who'd paid to see Rollins. Yes. That's it.

simon h b said...

Yeah, but if that Rollins comes back and tries again... yeah, then... well, he just better not, right?

StuartW said...

So one of Kasabian could have been a drooling, cracked-out mess by now?

Dang, so close.

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