Monday, March 03, 2008

Simon Cowell attempts to make 'not winning a Brit' a good thing

Leona Lewis' failure to win anything at the Brit awards was a good thing, Simon Cowell has decided:

"I was glad Leona didn't win at the Brits. It was the best thing that could have happened.

"She's had a lot of things going her way so it shows her that things can be unfair at times. She had the biggest selling [UK] single of last year so it's a mockery that she never won a Brit. This knockback will make her stronger."

Why would it be a "mockery" that she didn't win a Brit just because she outsold other singles? The prize is judged on quality rather than quantity, supposedly. And if it's such a "mockery" then how can it be a good thing?

This reminds me somewhat of the old Spitting Image Call My Bluff spoof which featured party leaders trying to redefine 'Second place in a by-election' to mean some sort of victory.


James said...

Considering he's glad she didn't win, and he disapproves of the voting process, it seems odd that his money was spent on those Google ads imploring us to call her voteline number last week...

dgeezer said...

This is the same Simon Cowell whose company sent me two unsolicited emails in the week before the Brits urging me to "Vote now for Leona to win best breakthrough act"?

S. Ward said...

Steve Brookstein won no Brits, and look how well he did for himself.

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