Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What could be worse than a full Led Zep reunion tour?

How about a Led Zep reunion tour with Velvet Revolver as the opening act?

That's what the Revolver's bassist, Duff McKagan, reckons is going to happen:

"I understand that we have it, although I imagine there will be plenty of bands prepared to kick and punch us out of the way for the privilege."

To be honest, I'd imagine there's a large number of people who'd be happy to kick and punch Velvet Revolver just because.

Indeed, if they have just lost the slot of their careers because their bassist told 6Music about what are presumably meant to be confidential negotiations over a secret tour plan, they could try opening up a 'kick Velvet Revolver' stand on a travelling fair to make up the money.


Simon said...

Are Velvet Revolver going on before or after the Cult, given Ian Astbury's already said they're supporting?

Anonymous said...

cant see it happening...i was there in Glasgow and heard with my own ears Scott Weiland saying that the current VR tour that ends in just over a week will be their last tour

there's also a news article from yesterday where SW verbally attacks drummer matt sorum

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