Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why (or, perhaps because) HMV is trying to turn itself into a games store

Last year, for the first time, more cash was spent on games than music in retail stores in the UK, says the Entertainment Retailers Association.

More music items are still being bought, but in terms of actual pound notes changing hands, music has been eclipsed. And, we suspect, there's a much healthier mark-up on games.

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ethelred said...

You'd be spot on too. I can remember seeing the invoice sheets when I worked in the other high street chain in the late 90s, and, if I recall correctly, they paid around 19 UKP per title. Of course, that's before all the lump sum payments for front of store and other prominent displays, as well as the discount for the bulk buy. Aside from that, it is harder to return games on the SOR basism but still, like I said, spot on.

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