Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yesterday's Sun: good for wrapping chips, or filling a page in the Mail

The same photos - Geri doing exercises by her laundry basket and so on - that Gordo had yesterday have popped up in the Mail today, alongside a piece which attempts to bury the claims that there was any sort of bad-feeling or anything even approaching bitching backstage. Even Mel C pops up to parrot the party line:

Mel told Rolling Stone magazine: "All of us have really enjoyed getting closer again.

She added: "The atmosphere was fun and there hasn't been time for bickering or the fighting that's always reported about the Spice Girls.

"It's just like a big family. There's been more laughing than anything else.

She added: "We've been through something so unique together that even if we don't see each other for a few months, we get together and it's been like no time has passed."

Mel, come on. The band ended after Geri had flounced out, so even if the reunion was like "no time had passed" wouldn't it have been slightly odd that Geri suddenly reappeared? And after all the stories - mostly emanating from the band - about who was responsible for whose eating disorders, how can you even try to push this with a straight face? Was 'must pretend to be friends' part of the multi-million contract?

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