Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You can't appreciate a master of the craft

Some fun on The Guardian's food and drink site as, following the striking down of a libel claim for a bad restaurant review, they gather critics' run-ins with the wounded. Amongst those turning up bearing grudges are Brian May, John Martyn, Macy Gray, Bobby Gillespie... and Paul Weller:

I was in the ICA bar with a friend and heard someone say: "Excuse me, miss." I turned to find Paul Weller - whom I'd never met - standing six inches away, looking none too happy. Jabbing his finger at me and building up a head of steam, he shouted that my recent review of a gig by his then wife, Dee C Lee, had been a sham because I'd left in the middle. I hadn't, but he refused to believe me. The more I argued back, the angrier and louder he became, until the entire bar was watching us. Then he abruptly stopped and returned to his drink. We haven't met since. Oddly, it hasn't put me off his music.

Caroline Sullivan was feeling the full-force of cappuccino-era rage.


mu said...

literally just finished reading that section of the article, haven't even finished the whole article yet, when my rss reader bumps up and i read this on your site. talk about coincidence.

mu said...

also reading on it mentions Richard E Grant leaving a tired and emotional message on an answerphone - I had always been lead to believe that he was as teatotal as withnail doesn't suggest...

simon h b said...

You do realise that I'm reading your computer screen over your shoulder, don't you? It makes it less of a coincidence, but slightly more unsettling...

Darren H said...

Come come - no mention of Jeff Dreadnought?!

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