Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cold dead hands

In the spirit of not speaking ill of the dead - even one whose love of guns made him the focus of the bloodthirsty, the paranoid and the reactionary who make up the NRA - let's remember Charlton Heston before he developed Alzheimer's and started to suggest that guns don't kill people, it's people making 'pickle, pickle' noises while pointing their fingers who do.

Here, by way of tribute for his paid work rather than political views, is Stump's Charlton Heston:

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James said...

Crikey! Thanks for posting that, it was great to see that video again. I remember the first (and last) time I saw it was on the Chart Show in 1988. According to the 'Trivia' pop-up box, there was a traumatic moment during filming when one of the larger frogs ate a smaller one. You don't get that with your new fangled 'CGI'.

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