Sunday, April 06, 2008

It suddenly hits you, a surprise, a bullet, a shock - you're falling in love with one of the New Kids on the Block

It's official - if, of course, there was ever any doubt - the original members of the New Kids On The Block have run out of money. Sorry, we mean are getting back together.

They confirmed it on Friday:

"It is better than Christmas," trumpetetd Jonathan Knight.

Santa and Jesus are currently in talks with legal representatives over whether to seek a formal apology for this apparent libel.

They weren't going to announce the reunion this soon, but they were worried about the rumours. Probably that there weren't any.

You can watch the big announcement from the NBC Today programme, assuming you don't mind losing ten minutes of your life to it.


James said...

"It is better than Christmas," trumpetetd Jonathan Knight.

Any Christmas in particular? Probably not the one when this crap came out.

Spence said...

I'm amazed Danny Wood's been able to get the time off from the amazingly successful Upper Street.

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