Sunday, April 06, 2008

Glastonbury tickets update

11.45: Server is still too busy. And the internet is full of unhappy people.

CockMonster on Designerstalk is unhappy:

Anyone here been able to get through to buy tickets for Glastonbury?
Been trying to get through all morning with fuck all luck.

There are, though, quite a few positive stories from people who've basically had a bunch of people, all throwing the kitchen sink at the refresh button on numerous machines. Irony, of course, is that the system is so bad because so few people trust it they feel the need to swamp the system with requests which brings the whole thing down.

There is, though, a slightly easier way: the more robust seetickets website has a page that works a bit better: although seetickets server keeps falling over as well; it just takes you a step closer.


sven945 said...

The one year that I'm not going and I've managed to (just not) get straight to the form to buy. Just now, hours after they went on sale.

ian said...

From the official site

"Tickets have been selling steadily this morning with over half sold within the first three hours."

So does that indicate

a) less demand than last year
b) even worse infrastructure than last year.

Last year I said that it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to design a system that works, especially when you know exactly how many people are going to try and use it. I don't see any reason to change my mind on that. So what are the useless cretins at Seetickets doing for their half a million quid in booking fees?

Duncan said...

Not bothering this year, and it seems noone else is, either. Tickets are still on sale...

That's the problem with selling out quicker and quicker each year. One year it has to stop. And this week people will start writing the "why" editorials. I predict the phrase "jumped the shark" will get overused.

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