Monday, April 14, 2008

Damon Albarn: 18th most important

While Noel Gallagher is complaining about the young folks' music taking over Glastonbury and deciding it's wrong to go to go to gigs by boat (despite having once bought Mike Oldfield's old yacht), his former nemesis Damon Albarn is being lauded by the Telegraph as the 18th most important person in British Culture.

Without ever having played Knebworth, you'll note.

Gallagher doesn't make it on the list - no, really - even although by the end they're so desperate to fill the slots they're flinging on Helena Bonham-Carter, although surely if she were that powerful all images of her in Planet of the Apes would have been removed from the internet?

Overall, the person who dictates our culture the most is, surprisingly, not an IPC sub-editor, but Nicholas Hynter at the National Theatre. It's not clear if his importance was decided before or after he agreed to give a lengthy interview to the Sunday Telegraph.

With Andrew Lloyd-Webber at five and Simon Cowell at six, the highest-placed popular music-related presence is still Damon Albarn at 18.


Mikey said...

Tim Burton's fancy-piece but no fucker from the Arts Council?

I'd hate to be the work experience kid who kicked this list together on deadline day if the Editor reads it!

Ben.H said...

To be fair to Noel Gallagher, he didn't realise he'd bought Mike Oldfield's yacht until after he'd paid for it. He's not a hypocrite, he's just thick.

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