Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doherty should never have used the pick-up window

Tim Burgess has worked out where it all went wrong for Pete Doherty - not ordering in:

“What I used to feel about people like that is that they shouldn’t go out and get hammered, that they’d be better off doing it all at home,” Burgess said.

“Why doesn’t he go for home delivery? Pete’s a fucking rock star. GET IT DELIVERED! We always did.”

Also, at the moment, if your crack pipe is delivered less than piping hot, you get it for free.

Burgess suggests that drugs might have also blunted Doherty's talent:
“But his songwriting has rapidly gone downhill, that’s the most worrying thing," he added.

“So much great music has been created on drugs. In Pete’s case, maybe heroin and crack is not such a productive combination.”

Although, to be honest, what really seems to have done for Doherty's talent was quitting Carl, not hitting crack.

Burgess revealed that The Charalatans were doing crack during the making of Up To Our Hips.

On drugs, eh? You'd never have guessed.


Simon said...

I suspect Burgess didn't have half the nation's paparazzi permanently camped outside his front door at the time.

Anonymous said...

carl wasnt that great. pete's best set up was with pat walden and seb rochford straight after the libs disbanded. if all three of them could have held it together then down in albion would have been a classic.

carl got so obsessed with stardom it was so lame. id say that contributed to the libs demise as much as heroin.

Jack said...

I saw "Pete Best" in there when skim reading. I wondered if someone was saying he was the fifth Libertine.

p_to_p said...

carl got so obsessed with stardom it was so lame. id say that contributed to the libs demise as much as heroin.

What, as opposed to the "wandering minstrel, man-of-the-people" arena tours, playing the Albert Hall and being a tabloid staple method of not being obsessed with stardom?

Anonymous said...

sorry, i missed it when he did all that with the LIBERTINES.

by the time he joined them after his first stint in chokey it had all completely changed anyway. ironic that they only got mega popular at that time really

Anonymous said...

Surely that video can be forgiven as Tim is shirtless?

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