Sunday, April 20, 2008

The family that plays together...

It might just be a made-up tale filling the pages of this morning's News of the World, but they seem to believe that Paul McCartney wants to take Heather Mills on tour with him. Or, rather, he wants Bea to go, and is thinking of taking Heather to allow that to happen:

An aide told us: "Paul is desperate to keep Bea close by him. If he just heads off round the world he will get upset at not seeing her.

Mucca"He realises he has to do some kind of deal with Heather, and to keep disruption to a minimum he has come up with this idea. He feels that letting Heather fly to him where they are touring could be the best way."

No word yet on if he plans to fly Heather out A-Class or B-Class.

This idea might not be as ridiculous as it sounds, though: how better to stop Heather popping up all over the place exploding than to keep her close by?

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