Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rav Singh spots a spliff

Rav's big deal today is that he's got pictures of Amy Winehouse smoking cannabis in Camden.

Or, perhaps, a roll-up. Clearly, everyone in Wapping is happy that Amy is unlikely to sue.

Rav, though, seems a little addled himself:

My snapper took these pics of the troubled drug-addict as she returned to her Camden home after celebrating a pal's birthday in London.

Your snapper, Rav? Then why is the picture splashed with a copyright message for

Meanwhile, Rav ponders about Billie Piper's sex life:
LOVED-UP BILLIE PIPER and LAURENCE FOX are hoping for a New Year baby, I can reveal.

The Dr Who star has told friends she's ready to have one. Billie and actor Laurence got married on New Year's Eve last year and the pair hope to hear the patter of tiny feet shortly after their first anniversary.

If you actually calculate back from a birth date in the early days of 2009, this story turns out to be "Billie Piper and her husband are having sex at the moment". Oddly, our jaws are having trouble dropping to the floor.

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