Sunday, April 20, 2008

Showbiz Zoe climbs back on the horse

With last week's Oasis-to-play-Dome story rousing Noel Gallagher himself to go out and rubbish it within hours of the Sunday Mirror, what's Showbiz Zoe got for her Zoe Showbiz showbiz column with Showbiz Zoe?

Something about Kylie Minogue having blind dates. Or, rather, double-blind dates as Zoe doesn't seem to know who they're with:

The pop goddess's most recent romantic rendezvous was with one of New York's wealthiest businessmen.

Zoe seems to know rather a lot about a man whose name she doesn't know:
But what ticks my boxes - and probably Kylie's too - is that he owns a yacht and has a private jet on standby.

Yes, because Kylie is probably going to be swayed by whether a bloke fannies about on a yacht.

Zoe also has a photo of Agyness Deyn, which prompts her to observe:
Not sure about socks with shoes, but with those legs Agy gets away with anything

Eh? When did it become a fashion no-no to wear socks with shoes? Sandals, I knew about; clogs and flip-flops make sense - but are the kids really not wearing socks when they wear shoes now?

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Claire said...

To be honest I don't remember hearing of Agyness until she started dating Josh Paddington and it seems shocking some of the trashing she gets in the "indie" etc. circles. Whether it's deserved I have no idea. Though on the other hand you do get the girls who blindly revere her as a fashion goddess so her life isn't entirely tragic...

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