Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Perpetual optimism

One of the few upsides of feeling too ill to look at a computer screen is you're spared having to check what Gordon's up to. Back to duty this morning, though, with Gordon reacting to the news that Kelly Brook has dropped her comedy boyfriend Billy Zane:

Great news lads - Kelly bins Billy

Well, strictly speaking, it might make Gordon's chances of going out with Kelly Brook slightly higher (should he, erm, decide to leave his wife), it's not really a massive leap forward. Now, a disease which wiped out ninety-eight per cent of men - that might help your chances, Gordon.

Curiously, there's no story about Ashley and Cheryl Cole this morning - presumably unconnected with Ashley's lawsuit against The Sun. Cole claims that the stories about his extra-marital liaisons run by the paper were an invasion of privacy, and is demanding £200,000:
Cole argues that he does not hold any public office or carry out any official duties, and information about his sex life "was not capable of contributing to a debate in a democratic society relating to matters of public interest".

Wonder if News International will be arguing that, since Cheryl Tweedy was elected to being a popstar by a popular vote, that makes being in Girls Aloud effectively "holding public office"?

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