Friday, April 25, 2008

The Kooks want to take you camping

As if the thought of a Kooks gig wasn't bad enough, they're now threatening to launch their own festival. Why, besides it being the only way they'd ever manage to find themselves headlining a festival?

"We have been talking about holding our own [festival] down south, somewhere like Stamner Park near Brighton where we live. We will do it in the next couple of years."

"Although Glastonbury is the best in the world, something like that can't really carry on. It's getting too big.

"We love playing Glastonbury, but we couldn't walk anywhere last year as it was so full. And [when] you have so many people there it's hard to get a vibe."

While Glastonbury's having it difficulties, we're not quite sure it's fair to say that "something like that can't really carry on", as if it's the Roman Empire. And if you were in search of a "vibe", a festival organised by the stage school kids (and, presumably, featuring Kooks favourite bands) wouldn't be the first place you'd go and look, would it?

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jonny said...

To paraphrase Kenny Everett, if they put themselves in a field we can bomb the bastards.

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