Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Krazy House fined

Liverpool Crown Court have fined the owners of the Krazy House £50,000 with £30,000 costs after a club-goer fell down a liftshaft. Leanne Shearer mistook a goods lift door for an exit and fell onto a hard floor on New Years Day, 2006 - she has since recovered.


Olive said...

Krazy House Is that still going? I last went there in the early 90's when I was doing some work for Merseyrail. It's the only place I've been nearly turned away from for wearing a suit.

simon h b said...

It's somehow manged to survive everything that's been thrown at Liverpool City Centre - I think they've stopped putting bands on altogether though, which is a pity... their track record was quite good back in the 90s. Suede/Auteurs tour and everything...

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I hate the way the press twist the truth, if you ever actually go in there it says ALL OVER THE DOORS, NOOOOO ENTRY EXCEPT FOR STAFF. ive been going to that club for donkeys years and i was there the night this happened. its not like she fallen down there and then they put the signs up they have been there for god knows how long. there was no way she could have mistaken it for an exit unless she was drunk which is her own fault for going in there, not the krazyhouse!

simon h b said...

While I applaud your taking the press with a pinch of salt, the BBC was reporting a court verdict - a court case at which the owners of the Krazy House admitted they'd been negligent.

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