Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who knew? Mariah Carey doesn't have an interest in physics

Everyone - by which we mean "nobody at all" - took Mariah Carey's decision to title her new album E=MC2 to demonstrate that she has a deep interest in physics.

Surprisingly - by which we mean unsurprisingly - this turns out not to be the case:

"Einstein's theory? Physics? Me? Hello! I even failed remedial math. I could not pass seventh grade math even in the lowest class with the worst kids."

Even though it's only Mariah Carey, how heartbreaking is it to see someone parading and celebrating her ignorance?

So, what does the album title mean, then? Mariah explains:
She explained that the album title meant "'The Emancipation Of Mimi' to the second power", referring to her 2005 album, which she believes she has surpassed.

But... E=MC2 doesn't have any relation to that, does it? Unless 'E' is actually the name of the album, but then why would "MC" stand for the "Emancipation of Mimi"? And, after all, MC2 is (M times C) squared, so shouldn't the title mean to refer to something like, say, Mariah combined with cheese raised to a higher power?


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