Sunday, May 04, 2008

Collapsing Winehouse brings down Geldof

The most surprising thing about the News of the World's report this morning that the memory stick which held the Winehouse crack footage also had film of Peaches Geldof (allegedly) buying drugs is that The Sun had, apparently, somehow managed to miss that bit when they ran the original story.

The story seems to have been knocked together in something of a hurry - it's got this paragraph which bizarrely changes direction half-way through, like it forgets who it's talking about:

The tattooed beauty is also a regular at the capital’s indie clubs, enjoying close friendships with bands like The Horrors and Towers Of London. She is now dating Horrors frontman Faris Badwan. Yates started dating Live Aid creator Geldof when she was 17.

There's also this clunking piece in the introduction:
Peaches, —who has always denied using cocaine like her tragic mum Paula Yates—was found by cops on the SAME video in which Winehouse, 24, was caught snorting crack.

It wasn't the same video, it was just the same memory stick as the same story says; and do they mean that Paula denied using cocaine in a tragic way? Or that Peaches denies using cocaine in the same way that her mother did? We know that they mean Peaches has always denied using the drug; her mother was a heavy user, but then as they can't even punctuate the sentence properly, it's probably no surprise they don't manage to write it coherently, either.


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