Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Journalism

We're sure that - once his hands were both free - Gordon Smart punched the air as he took delivery of topless pictures of Lily Allen. He even created a new euphemism for the occasion:

Lily got something off her chest and peeled off her shirt to reveal a couple of chart-toppers.

Meanwhile, Gordon has been carrying out a poll. An online poll. He publishes the results without any warning that the respondents were self-selecting and, therefore, not scientifially accurate. But it might not matter:
2 out of 3 men fancy Posh Vic

He has done a pie chart, though.


Emma Dalby Bowler said...

Wasn't the headline "2 out of 3 want to give Posh 1"

I sort of surprises me that Gordon can count to 3. Even in the wrong order.

But still...a tacky headline, even for him.

simon h b said...

That was the headline in the print version of the column - it looks like even the Sun blanched when it came to using it online...

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