Thursday, May 08, 2008

MP Four Tet

As a way of celebrating Four Tet's new mini-album Ringer, his press people have had him knock together a DJ set. A DJ set which, oddly, is longer than the album it's promoting, but there you are.

In fact, here you are, in all its mp3 glory.

This is the set list:

1. Four Tet - Ringer
2. Liquid Liquid - Bell Head (Harvey edit)
3. Avus - Tear
4. Burial - Raver
5. Sam Clarence - Sextant daktari
6. Wookie - Manchu 2
7. Autechre - Play neu!
8. Matt John - Olga dancekowski
9. Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
10. Plastikman - Helikopter
11. Siobhan Donaghy - Carl Craig remix
12: The Field - Action

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