Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ashanti discovers what lays beyond questionable taste

R&B videos in questionable taste? Nothing new. Ashanti - and those fun-loving guys from Universal - have decided to go a step beyond, and to try and push her new single with unquestionably bad test.

Their marketing ploy is based around claiming that, erm, commercial hip hop is responsible for a crime spree.

Yes, that's right.

There's a fake news report:

At a news conference this morning, Detective John Kimble of the District of Columbia State Police stated that officials were shocked to discover the message "Black children will die" near the body. Authorities suspect this individual may be the next victim in this disturbing crime spree, but have been unable to reach anyone by that name. She is believed to be romantically linked to the suspect. Whilst unwilling to discuss specific evidence, Kimble stated that investigators have named one Commercial Hip Hop as the prime suspect.

Ha-ha! Mutilated corpses and what sounds like a Ku Klux Klan to do list. What could be more jolly for selling records?
Police fear Commercial Hip Hop may be planning to "Smash him up with a sledgehammer.." Authorities have already expressed apprehension at the pending release of Ashanti's album The Declaration, on June 3rd, fearful that the Music Video for the song, "The Way That I Love you" will only lead to more violence.

Yes. Somebody who is paid to write adverts thought that suggesting the launch of the album might lead to mutilated corpses turning up all over town was the way to go.

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