Sunday, June 01, 2008

Foo swaps

The Raveonettes' Sharin Foo is preparing to bring forth a little Foo, and so, for the current US tour, her part is being played by her sister, Louise Foo.

We have been asked not to go with the 'this will prove if there's no Foo like an old Foo' joke, and have decided to oblige.


Jack said...

If childbirth is anywhere near as painful as I've heard, you could say that you pity the Foo?

Complications during birth can be quite common, but I'm sure that if anything happens the baby will come through. I'm sure it will be a Foo Fighter.

And now I'll leave before anyone tells me to Foo Koff.

simon h b said...

Kudos for getting the "pity the foo" - I was trying to, but kept falling short...

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