Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glaston the box: Day three

Once again, the red button service has wound down early, filling screens with stuff that's been on over the last couple of days.

Still, let's not carp, eh? Instead, let's focus on the sets of Eddy Grant and Neil Diamond - both doing their first Glastonburys (Grant seemed as surprised as anyone at this) and both clearly, clearly relishing it. Not in the way Shakin' Stevens or Jay-Z did - in a "I'm making this festival better" way - but just a genuine delight in being part of it. Who couldn't feel a warm glow as Neil Diamond abandoned his set list's demands for a ballad because, man, he wanted to dance?

And, let's face it, Cherry Cherry is far more fun than something that's effectively two seconds of a U2 song played over and over again, isn't it?

[Part of Glastonbury 2008]

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