Saturday, June 28, 2008

Glastonbury 1998: The Life Of Riley

The Lightning Seeds 98 set marked another piece of Glastonbury's legendary piss-poor planning. On the first night, England were due to play Colombia in World Cup Match, upon which hung the chances of the team's progression to be crushingly defeated in the middle stages of the contest. Perhaps hoping that the various attractions of the festival might keep people away from the prospect of Jimmy Hill in his lucky St Georges bow tie - on a big screen, mother - the decision was taken to show the match only in the cinema field.

It might have just about worked, too, had the start of World Cup Grandstand (as it still was then, correctly) not dovetailed with the Lightning Seeds finishing their set on the Pyramid Stage with a rousing Three Lions. Stood in the cinema field, you could hear thousands of voices raised insisting there'd be no more years of hurt before the Seeds went off the stage and their audience turned to traipse towards the cinema stage. Up some narrow, already muddy lanes.

Luckily, realising they had unleashed a health and safety nightmare, the organisers suddenly decided to patch the match through to the screens at the side of the stage.

Then it started pissing down anyway, so all but the strongest gave up before the half-time business.

In order to avoid health and safety nightmares here, and because live Three Lions was so ropey it doesn't seem to have made it onto YouTube, here's them doing The Life Of Riley instead:

[Part of Glastonbury 1998]


James said...

Fantastic to see that, thanks! I'd also forgotton that the Lightning Seeds had a very attractive keyboard player...

I might be relying rather heavily on the xrrf Glastonbury coverage this weekend by the way, as my TV decided to blow up yesterday. Amazing. It makes it the best part of the way through a football tournament about which I don't give a fig, and then picks the first day of Glasto* to go pop. I suspect I have a racist TV which preferred to die than show Jay-Z's set.

* So-called because 'Nbury' is hard to say © David Quantick

simon h b said...

James, I suspect it might have been that your TV decided to throw in the towel rather than have to cope with broadcasting Edith's honking laugh. Our cat has been hiding under the bed since she was on last night...

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