Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Rolling Cole again

After Ashley Cole started his legal action against The Sun for invading his privacy, Gordon went a little quiet on the Tweedy-Cole marriage. Having banged on and on about it for what felt like weeks, all of sudden - if it got mentioned at all - it'd be a single line, muttered in the middle of some other article about Girls Aloud.

This morning, though, Smart is leading with one of those articles that isn't really an article but just an advert for a magazine - Hello, in this case - which contains a surprising reference to the marriage he was calling time on earlier in the year:

Chelsea star Ashley has been bombarding heartbroken beauty Cheryl with gifts as she tours with GIRLS ALOUD.
Ashley, 27, also made a 250-mile round trip to Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena just to hug his wife and see her show with mum-in-law Joan.
The revelations in Hello magazine are the clearest sign yet the couple are rebuilding their marriage.

It's quite a turn around from a newspaper which was insisting that Cheryl was seeing divorce lawyers and had already been guessing the size of the settlement a month or two back. "The clearest sign yet" - well, yes, given that your readers have previously only been given signs that it was all over.

Elsewhere, Smart reports that Pete Doherty is running out of money and wants to know where it's gone:
The BABYSHAMBLES frontman claims he is running out of cash.

So he is planning a crisis meeting with his band’s management to get to the bottom of his wonga woes.

And, fair enough, Smart's suggestions of where the money's gone is spot-on:
1. Up his nose

2. Used Jaguar dealerships

3. Catteries

4. Rubbish art galleries

The only trouble is that they couldn't resist breaking out the photoshop:
my computer wizards have mocked [him] up as a detective

Except, they haven't: he's in a white shirt, black tie and carrying a helmet. So, a beat bobby rather than a detective.