Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No dough-erty

Let's take a closer look at Pete Doherty's money situation, by reading the same article that Gordon lifted his piece from on the MTV News site.

It's been clear for a while - since, ooh, the publication of that book - that Doherty has started to see his fanbase as a well from which money can be drawn, regardless of how leaky the bucket might be. He's now actually vocalising that, though:

“We’ve got a few concerns at the moment over issues with management, where the money has been going (and) distribution of wealth.”

Bandmate Drew McConnell then asked “Do we?” before the wayward singer continued:

“We need to sit down as a band and talk about the future. What’s happening and why, when and who with. Two years of arseing about, we could actually make money out of this job.”

The appearance of 'distribution of wealth' in that quote might be sending chills through some members of the entourage.

Given what Doherty actually does with his money, you might feel that he's actually better off having other people take it away from him first.


Anonymous said...

this is his manager talking about how they wont do an interview with piers somebody (morgan, i guess) for less than 20k. pitiful stuff.


as posted by pete on youtube. ps. check ot the cat abuse!

Jack said...

To be fair to Pete (and that's not something I say very often), I wouldn't talk to Piers Morgan for less than twenty grand.

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