Monday, June 09, 2008

Gordon in the morning: The what complaints commission?

Oddly, considering how certain Gordon was that Amy Winehouse had abandoned Blake and was moving on, he seems equally certain that she's paying a thousand pounds a week for "protection" for him in prison. And:

A source said: “Blake has people who look after him.

“And he gets crack and heroin. Amy pays for it outside.”

But didn't Gordon insist that Blake was buying the drucks with signed photos of Winehouse?

It's almost as if Smart's running any old rubbish that any old lag turns up and offers him.

Still, at least he's on safer ground with Halle Berry, as it is scientific fact that pregnant women's breasts can grow.

More seriously, Smart has a photo of one of the Beckham's kids - a horrible, grainy long lens shot to show that, erm, he's drawn on his arms. We'd love to hear how that fits with the Press Complaints Commission's rules on not running pictures of kids simply because they've got famous parents.