Sunday, June 08, 2008

When parents sell your old stuff on eBay

We're blaming Adam and Joe. Last week, they were doing a feature on things you created when you were a kid - comics and so on. Surely, that must be where Hayley Williams' former stepfather got the idea for trying to flog a handwritten book she made when she was a kid on eBay.

Living up to her role as the WalMart Courtney Love, Williams got on to LiveJournal (still going, apparently - who knew?) and freeformed:

so... i've decided to do this. it was only half thought out but i'm doin it anyways.

i saw that post someone made about the "handwritten book" on ebay. yes, it's mine. hahah. i don't remember being a sad child but i definitely loved horror films at a really young age. i guess that was reflected in this particular assignment. anyway, that's not exactly what i'm posting about. i'm actually posting about the seller of this item. it happens to be my ex-stepfather. who is... well... insane, hence the reason he is my EX-stepfather. so, while i can laugh at the fact that a bit of my past has surfaced, i have to admit i felt like throwin shit when i saw the username. to be honest, i'd love to post his full name. where he works. possibly a phone number??? then all of you could show him what it feels like when your personal life is out there for everyone to put their hands on. fortunately for him... living with him for 7 years wasn't quite enough to make me turn out just like him... or was it?
don't buy it. i'm gonna buy it. hahaha.

The decision not to post his contact details was perhaps wise. Although bringing the auction to people's attentions if you're planning on bidding on a item, maybe less so.

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