Monday, June 16, 2008

If it was yours, wouldn't you keep quiet?

Creaky Boards - no, us, neither - have posted a message on the web claiming Coldplay have ripped them off:

In a video message on YouTube, Andrew Hoepfner, the bands songwriter, says that Martin even saw the band when they performed last year.

"We were flattered when we thought we saw Chris Martin in the crowd that night. He seemed pretty into it. Maybe too into it,” he writes.

We're trying to picture Martin creeping round America stealing melodies from obscure indie bands and then - having sucked all the life out them - trapping them in his own records. It would certainly make a cracking episode of Buffy.


Codepope said...

The bit I love is the bit where he goes "And it's about the Crusades, Chris Martin storming Jerusalem with an army of Christian Soldiers"....

Which probably explains why his songs are about "singing songs in your room". :)

Codepope said...

You can catch all of it at

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