Friday, June 06, 2008

Luke Pritchard: Ladies' man, he bets

Yesterday, we had Michael Eavis sounding like a bad throwback to a 70s sitcom. Today, Luke Pritchard from The Kooks offers what sounds like a tribute to 1970s jazz mags:

"She didn't show up but I heard Carmen Electra was coming to our show," he said. "Can you imagine fucking Carmen Electra? How cool would that be?"

When asked if he would genuinely be interested in having sex with Electra, Pritchard said, "Of course, man! We all would have [hooked up with her on the night of the gig]! Anyone would have!

"When you're in a big band, you can go anywhere and do whatever you want. I'd like to fuck Carmen Electra!"

Doubtless his fans would rush to point out that his tongue was in his cheek as much as his cock was his hand, but we're not so sure. Not to mention that if his band was so big he can behave like he's Vladimir Putin, how come Carmen Electra didn't show up in the first place?

The attitude isn't, sadly, surprising, but the lack of understanding that some things that are greeted with rounds of applause in the van between gigs probably shouldn't be raised in interviews is.

[Thanks to Peter D for the tip]


Jack said...

He asked a friend of mine for a blow job once at a gig they were playing. This was in March 2005 on a tour with the Subways before anybody started caring about them. So it's not like he's really changed. It's just the girls who he begging for sexual favours are slightly more famous nowadays.

It's nice to see he's not got any more successful with his requests though.

Anonymous said...

i don't think when he talked about being in a big band that he meant his band was big..i think he meant that if he was in a huge band he would want know..i think people just spin things way out of context, i'm sure it was just a joke!

Anonymous said...

I just think it's stupid to say that some things shoulden't be brought up in interviews (probably referring to the whole fucking Carmen thing) when the people who interviewed him asked if he would.

By the way Luke i a complete coke head but he makes great music.

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