Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The McCartneys taste test the ready meals

We're now being asked to believe that the McCartney family sample every one of the ready meals which carry the branding of Linda McCartney:

Daughter Mary, 38, says, "It's really personal to us because it is carrying on mum's message. We know what she would and wouldn't have wanted."

The Yesterday singer adds, "Nothing goes through without the MCCartney say-so. It has to, because it's our name on the packet."

Of course, given Paul's recent taste in hair, music and wives, it'll probably be for the best if he's kept out the loop as his judgement seems cock-eyed. But then again, having tasted the Linda range, if it is getting sign-off from the family, it must be by someone who doesn't have much discrimination. Have you tried the Shepherd's Pie? How do you make vegetarian gristle? And why would you bother?

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