Monday, June 30, 2008

My, my, how could we forget you?

Taking a role in the money-in-the-bank Mamma Mia might have seemed like a shrewd move for an ageing bloke low on work and in need of a pension scheme. But you'd be wrong. Why, for Pierce Brosnan, it was nothing short of bravery:

"All of us put our neck out on the line for this," he told BBC Breakfast. [...]
"It was the last thing I expected to be offered," said the actor, who played secret agent 007 in four Bond films.

"To see an ex-MI6 thespian singing and dancing in the world of Mamma Mia... people are going to howl."

We've just checked, and, yes, he did just inflate 'pretending to be a spy' into being 'an MI6 thespian'. Fancy going from a multiplex pantomime piece of fluff into another multiplex pantomime piece of fluff. However will we contain ourselves?

It's as unlikely as, say, that bloke from Remmington Steele signing on to appear in Vanilla Gorilla. IMDB explains the plot of that forthcoming treat:
An albino gorilla in captivity uses sign language to communicate his plight to a little girl who befriends him, setting in motion an international escape plan.

We might not have done howling yet.

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Olive said...

"All of us put our neck out on the line for this"

Grr. Why do all actors talk like this? You play 'dress up' for a living, Brosnan, not put out oil well fires or something.

And I don't care how funny Mamma Mia is, it's not going to be anywhere near as funny as that L'Oreal advert.

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