Monday, June 30, 2008

Gordon Brown loves The Beatles

As preparations continue for the First Liverpool Festival Of Self-Parody (sorry, Beatles Day), someone has thought to ask the leaders of the main UK political parties (and Gordon Brown) what their favourite Beatles song is. For some reason.

Gordon Brown likes All My Loving, although he was taken off-guard as it's unusual for him to be asked a question which doesn't start "God, you're shit and you know it, don't you, you national-sized failure":

Mr Brown explained his choice: "It is so hard to pick one because there are so many but this was my early favourite because it was the first I learnt to play on the piano when my parents sent me for lessons when I was young."

Of course, his real favourite should be Octopuses Garden, because it's the one where the very-effective drummer got the top job and proved to be rubbish at it.

Dave Cameron chose The Long And Winding Road, mouthing "like to Downing Street - do you see? Aren't I clever?" at the end, while Nick Clegg turned up to say "A Day In The Life", although we're not sure anyone asked him:
Mr Clegg said of A Day in the Life: "Even after all this time, it still sounds innovative and radical.

"The dramatic shift of gears musically leading to the powerful piano chords at the end are frighteningly effective, while the lyrics are incredibly effective by combining the mundane everyday life with the tragic death of someone in a car crash. It shows the Beatles at their edgy best."

A Day In The Life, of course, is the result of an awkward compromise, a coalition of a song. Can't think why that would appeal to him.

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James said...

Shame they didn't ask for their favourite Beatles album. I can all-too-clearly picture Cameron lapsing into full Partidge. "I'd have to say... 'The Best of the Beatles'"

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