Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nadler quits Terrastock; Terrastock not happy

The gentle ping of a pissed-off press release arriving. (Actually, GMail doesn't ping, but we like to make the sound ourselves. With out mouth.)

Marissa Nadler isn't going to play Terrastock any more. And Terrastock is keen to point the finger of blame:

Kemado Records has pulled Marissa Nadler from this year's Terrastock 7 Festival.

Terrastock founder Phil McMullen has stated, "I am surprised and not a little disappointed that Marissa Nadler's record company felt it necessary to let her fans down, particularly at such short notice".

Not entirely sure it's possible to be let down a long time in advance - wouldn't that just be mild disappointment? Still, nice to see Terrastock taking it on the chin and everything.