Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shiny new band: The Lovely Eggs

Coming straight atcha from Lancaster, it's The Lovely Eggs. You might call them tweepop, but probably only if you think that that's a bad thing.

This is them doing I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too:

The band were on the Marc Riley show on Monday on 6 (it's not brain surgery, is it? Well, not any more, no) and you can listen to their full set again [up until Sunday night]; there's also a track appeared on their MySpace site.

Holly has had a previous pop life, as part of Angelica, who made the superb Whistle Down The Wind tribute Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?


James said...

I blimming loved Angelica. In fact, if any of Angelica are reading this, I'd like to apologise for the terrible time they had when they played the Portland Arms in Cambridge a few years ago. The crowd seemed to be glued motionless to the walls for the whole gig and, as I was on my own, I wasn't really in a position to start the dancing. You played an aces set though, and 'Kitten' is a brilliant single.

Anonymous said...

In a fair world, Why Did You Let My Kitten Die? would've been #1 for the whole of '99.... in a fair world.

Still, I can't help but notice a lack of links to Adventures of Loki and viceversa over there on their myspace.

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