Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Someone still love you, Boris Johnson

It's not just the slightly-optimistic anonymous commenter who is applauding Boris Johnson's decision to drop the anti-racism from the anti-racist Rise festival; some of his political opponents do too.

Indeed, the BNP are claiming the idea for their own, reports the Guardian diary:

The decision to strip the anti-racist theme from Rise, London's anti-racist festival, has won plaudits from the BNP. Indeed, their man says the whole thing was his idea.

Of course, as the commenter rightly pointed out, there's no reason to infer from the redirecting of Rise that Boris is racist. And just because you're getting applause from the BNP doesn't automatically make you a right-wing stooge. It does all look a bit petty and clumsy, though. You know, kind of like that 2003 Taki article that appeared in The Spectator when he was editor.