Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another time to pretend

We noticed zooming up the Pentonville Road yesterday that there's a big splashy MGMT album poster campaign down in the capital; but even while their faces are hovering high above the afternoon commute-stream, the band are laying plans:

"We've been longing to get in the studio for a while because we got out of it recording our last album about a year ago," said Andrew Van Wyngarden

"We're definitely ready to start working on some new stuff," he added. "I think in January we’re gonna start recording and hopefully put an album out next summer."

His bandmate Ben Goldwasser explained: "We work better when we sit down in a room and go for it, but we don't have much time to do that right now."

That's going on for a rate of an album every twenty months. If they don't get to sit down a little more often, they might well burn themselves out at that pace.