Thursday, July 03, 2008

John Lydon complains that things aren't like what they were in his day, and how kids today, they don't know they're bloody born

John Lydon, off I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and member of a Sid Vicious tribute act doesn't hold with modern festivals:

“I was remembering festivals in the 70s and how crazy mad they used to be and what great fun,” he told the Daily Star.

“This lot were deckchairs, posh Butlins – what I was performing to was polite schoolteachers.”

“But it’s all right because it’s not the kids that need education – it’s that lot. I didn’t go to Glastonbury because what’s that without the hippies and the rave?”

What a terrible shock it must be for Lydon to find himself in front of an audience of middle-aged, middle-class professionals unlike the audience for 1970s nostalgia shows he usually plays, who tend to be late middle-aged, middle-class semi-professionals.

More to the point: What's Glastonbury without the hippies? But, erm, wasn't your whole raison d'etre taking a stand against the hippies, John?

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