Friday, July 04, 2008

Bag of spite: Oasis trumped by Halliwell

What does it say if Noel Gallagher and Geri Halliwell come up with the same title for a record?

Well, admittedly, nothing you haven't thought before:

"The missus goes, 'Bag It Up'? Isn’t that a song by Geri Halliwell? I was like, 'You've ruined my entire fucking year'."

Oh, god, how grating is that 'the missus', like he's a man of the people or something. He might as well start wearing a cap made from whippets.

And Noel has confirmed that he's hired Robbie Williams' drummer:
"It was too much of a temptation to piss Robbie and Liam off in one phone call"

What a way to run a happy ship... telling new member that he's basically there to annoy other people... idiot... can't concentrate... concentrate... fruit juice... jam... hmm... breakfast...

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