Friday, July 04, 2008

Shiny new band: Summer Cats

We've always been impressed with the quality of Australian indie pop. Something to do, we think, with being exposed to Snipe fanzine back in our youth, a zine which wouldn't look at a band unless it knew its VB from its Fosters.

And still - all these years later - Australia is shooting out perfectly formed bands like Summer Cats. You know you'll love them, because they list Irene's role as "keys, Shaker, Vox and doing the arm dance".

They've just released a split 7" with Portland's Eux Autres. This is what they sound like when they make the noise they make:

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Anonymous said...

luke steele, frontman from another great aussie band - the sleepy jackson - just announced solo plans too. he's touring soon (albeit in aus) and releasing two solo projects this year. good stuff.

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