Friday, July 04, 2008

Lydon plumps self up again

Most people would admit that The Sex Pistols weren't even the best punk band of their time, much less a genre-striding group of genius. John Lydon, though, isn't most people:

"This [the DVD he was shilling for] is edited highlights, but anyone who is potentially interested in seeing true British genuine quality of work should pay attention to this, we are Britain's finest."

"Always have been, alright? And there's only one man in England who really can save the Queen and it would be Johnny Rotten."

Oooh, he mentioned the Queen again! Ooh! It's like its 1977 all over agai... oh, no, sorry. Nobody noticed.

Given that the Pistols were, basically, a marketing exercise - albeit a wonderfully executed one - Lydon still popping up banging on about how great they were is a bit like seeing, say, the PG Tips chimps or the Guinness Toucan sharing their opinions about modern beverages.

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