Friday, July 04, 2008

Contact Music prejudges outcome

As if the 'Mark Ronson puffs on stage' story wasn't slight enough, Contact Music manage to bungle the reporting:

West Oxfordshire District have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the allegations and will be examining photo evidence of the gig.

A council spokeswoman tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Our environmental health department will be investigating it and meeting with organisers and reviewing what went on. We can't say now whether we're prosecuting him (Ronson) or not."

If he is prosecuted over the offence, Ronson will receive a minor $100 (GBP50) penalty but the event's organiser will be fined $5,000 (GBP2,500).

Erm... you don't get fined when you're prosecuted, but if you're convicted - and then, those are maximum fines.

Still, great news for the good people of West Oxfordshire District Council to see how their council tax is being wasted - the council has even established a freephone line for snitching ('free' in the sense of 'paid for by council tax'); it's far from clear which member of the public complained about Ronson's fag - or, indeed, if an outdoor stage is an indoor space in the meaning of the act. Surely this is a case where a ticking off - rather than an expensive prosecution - is commensurate?

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