Friday, July 04, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Will this do?

It's a thin day over on the Bizarre desk this morning, with Gordon reduced to plugging space by running those Blake 'sex' letters again - credited to "Online reporter". And it's always a great sign when nobody wants their name put to a story, isn't it?

The Sun comes over all maiden aunt:

Please note that although we have censored these letters they still contain sexually explicit references that some readers may find offensive.

Yes, there's every chance that someone following a link to a story about Blake's Kinky Rude Sex Letter Shock Kink Sex Rude Rude might suddenly be offensive.

The paper hasn't even been bothered to transcribe the letters - just slapped them on a scanner. Even by the low standards of Bizarre, it's struggling to reach half-arsed.

In the paper, mind, Gordon bangs on for two pages about how much he loves Rhys Ifans' band. Nobody seems to have been able to bring themselves to put that online yet.

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