Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brian May: where's the respect?

Brian May - a man who has the hump so often he could go on as Quasimodo without make-up - is annoyed that ITV didn't treat the not-quite-Queen set at Nelson Mandela's birthday show with the respect he thinks it deserved. (Key words here are "he thinks", of course.)

"It baffles me how, given the privilege of televising an internationally significant event, a TV company can miss the point so badly.

"All (they) had to do was televise the whole event, with no insertions from them. Well, it seems they largely failed. I wonder who's responsible for these bad decisions?"

It's hilarious that May thinks that, effectively, all ITV's editorial input should consist of is switching on the camera at the start and putting up the copyright caption at the end. And, indeed, that anyone would feel that - in the context of an event which celebrated the life and achievements of a truly brave and decent statesperson against a backdrop of the Zimbabwean nightmare - a couple of Queen tracks being cut out of an ITV programme is the sort of thing to make a fuss about.

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duckie said...

Clearly May thinks that the "privilege" is associated with the opportunity to show his band on the telly rather than anything to do with that Mandela bloke.

Nelson sure is a forgiving guy considering Queen defied the ANC's express wishes for people not to tour under SA's apartheid regime in 1984. A shame that Peel couldn't be at the gig to reprise his Top of the Pops introduction of the band as "Freddie and the Sun City Stompers".

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