Wednesday, July 02, 2008

UB40 split: Even less amicable than it ever was to begin with

In a battle which is less two bald men fighting over a comb, more a scrap over a combover, UB40 are now moaning that Ali Campbell is doing the songs he made famous on tour:

Guitarist Robin Campbell has slammed his older brother for his treatment of the group.

He says, "Ali is calling his tour The Best of UB40 - 1980-2008. That disgusts me. He wanted us to fall apart and disappear so that our fans would go to his shows. When we said we were touring without him, I think he was shocked.

"When our fans stuck with us, I think that was the biggest kick in the balls for him."

Robin, sweetly, doesn't seem to have realised that - unless they play neighbouring venues on the same night - it's more than possible for lovers of cod reggae to enjoy both acts without signing up to one or the other. It's not like Lassie, where the two parties are at either end of the street playing Red Red Wine to see who the audience gathers around.